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  • Godmanchester Allotment Visit

    4th July 2011

    Four members of the PEAA visited the Godmanchester Allotments site.

    Thanks to Mr. Bob Thompson whose allotment we visited following an introduction from Mr. David Moss who attended the last PEAA meeting.

    We looked at the overall layout of the site which includes more than 90 plots on both sides of the road. We also looked at the roadway and its construction and the use of paths and fences to separate plots. At Godmanchester there is no perimeter rabbit fencing so each plot has to have its own fence to try and prevent rabbits eating the crops. All plots are numbered and there is a range of sizes and shapes.

    The site has a shared container for secure storage. Allotmenteers benefit from cheap manure bought in bulk.

    Mr. Thompson has a full sized plot and among other crops grows potatoes, tomatoes (in companion planting with basil as shown below in the pictures), beetroot and carrot. These all looked very healthy and made us all very jealous.

    If you wish to see the layout of the Godmanchester site it is very clear on Google maps here.

    Godmanchester Godmanchester Godmanchester Godmanchester

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