What is the size of a plot?

A full sized plot is 189 square metres. We also have half and three quarter sized plots.

How much does it cost?

Prospective plot holders join the association and this currently cost £6.30 per year. When allocated a plot, plot holders currently pay a rental fee of £31.20 per year for a full sized plot. There is also a one off deposit of £50.00, which is refundable when you leave if your plot is handed back in a good state.

How is the site set out?

Plots run north to south. There is a central haulage way in the centre of the site. This is a requirement so that emergency access is possible. There are pathways for access to plots running from the haulage way.

Where can I store my tools safely?

A locked container is available for allotments holders to use.

You can erect a shed on your plot so long as it is no bigger than 6 feet x 8 feet. The shed needs to be positioned in the south west corner of the plot. This is to ensure the least amount of shade is cast on neighbouring plots. Sheds need to be painted brown and have guttering to collect rainwater into a butt.

Can I park on site?

Most people access the site on foot but it is sometimes necessary to use the car to bring heavy items to the site. There is parking for cars at the top end of the site.

How do I access the site in a vehicle?

There are two farmers' gates which are secured by combination locks. These gates must be locked at all times to protect the farmers land. Combination locks also secure the site gate and the container.